shaft and flail cutters, forest fire prevention equipment
land clearing brushcutter equipment

Pro Mac manufactures rotary brushcutter heads for the forest industry, municipal highway, and road maintenance authorities.

We manufacture and ship two types of brushcutter heads:

Pro Mac manufactures three basic types of brush cutter heads, both designed to be easily fitted to most makes of excavators and backhoes:

Horizontal Shaft units come in three sizes, 34”, 48” and 60”.  The horizontal units are the machine of choice for highway maintenance due to the neat appearance left behind after cutting.  They are also safer to operate at the side of the road as they discharge material under the front of the cutter head.

They can be equipped with a choice of three styles of teeth for a variety of different conditions and handle vegetation up to 4.5” in diameter.

The main arbor shaft is mounted in the frame with two heavy duty self aligning spherical roller bearings for long life and durability.  The hydraulic motor is mounted to the frame and transmits power to the main arbor shaft through a 4” toothed belt which delivers positive drive and absorbs shock loading from the arbor shaft.  The frame itself is a torsional member to resist movement and mechanical problems.

Rotary Brushcutters are available in two sizes, 36” and 52”.  The 36” and 52” units are available with either two blades or three blades, or standard mulching disc units.  The rotary cutters are also available in single or double door frames with options on standard duty or extreme service.

The rotary cutters can be set up to specific operator requirements such as ground level clearing and cutting, and set up with the heavy duty mulching disc to cut and mulch standing trees, which of course is an excellent environmental option.

The bearing housings for the rotary cutters are built from the highest quality materials available and are equipped with three heavy duty, self-aligning, spherical roller bearings.  The inside of the shroud is lined with qt100 to make it highly wear resistant.  Power to the cutting tool is transmitted via a bent axis piston motor, through a shock absorbing coupling to the cutting tool.  The high alloy cutting bits are easily changed in minutes.

Pro Mac maintains a manufacturing plant in British Columbia, Canada, with parts delivered within 24 hours across North America.  There is an extensive Pro Mac brushcutting dealer network throughout the whole of North America and brushcutters are exported to Europe and Japan, amongst many others.

Pro Mac brushcutters are renowned for their quality and ease of maintenance, and are the brushcutters of choice worldwide.  Call or email us for more details.  We also supply replacement cutting bits, blades and discs.